Adrienne Anello

Port Orange

About Adrienne Anello

I have lived in Volusia County since 2001. I attended the University of Central Florida and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. My experience prior to becoming a real estate agent is reflected by my professionalism, honesty, determination, and passion in all aspects of my life. Initially, I was introduced to the challenges of navigating the real estate market as both a buyer and seller in Florida and Colorado. My family and I's experience as sellers and aspiring homeowners to find our dream home here in Port Orange helped me to find my calling as a real estate agent. I believe that, while buying and selling property is a complex process, it needn’t be unpleasant or difficult. My own experiences have driven me to aim in helping my clients maneuver the home buying process with confidence, while having a smooth home buying experience. Whether you’re venturing into a new home or selling your current home, I am available to help you buy or sell across Volusia and neighboring counties.

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